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Creation & Manipulation

In the beginning, there was only one plane - that of physical creative materials blended together in the infinite, churning expanse of the Elemental Chaos. When entropy accidentally spawned structure, the first Gods emerged, separating themselves into a new plane - the wispy, silver-hazed metaphysical realm known as the Astral Sea. Like water and oil, the planes were separated by their essential differences, between the two is positioned the Cusp. The Natural World was formed by the magical synthesis of structure and entropy - the soaring realms of the Astral Sea above, and the depths of the Elemental Chaos below - creating a perfectly circular plane at the Cusp between the two., surrounded on all sides by the mysterious, thick, dark-gray fog of the Ether – an expanse of uninhabitable nothingness.

From their far-off dominions in the Astral Sea, the Gods shaped their worlds, generating realms they believed to be “Good” in their own eyes. When they were satisfied with what they had created, they expanded their powers to the Cusp, where they created mortal life – humanoids like elves, dwarves, and orcs, to the fantastic mythical beasts that cross the land, sea, and air. The Pantheon manipulated the world, setting order and shaping life. The Cusp itself also grew sentient in these times, and from the teaming magical energies sprang the Primal Spirits, whose subtle influences were only felt by those who looked for them.

Watched Forest.jpg
The Watched Forest

The Primal Spirits in the Watched Forest has protected its ancient towering trees since the very Beginning. The cultures of the many unified villages and Elvan bands reflect that history with great reverence. The traditions of those who live there are slow to change and shielded with a zealous passion.


Among those independent states is Isatalos, a city whose roots were formed at the end of the Dawn War by the spirit Little Dragon, who warned the Elvan band by the same name of the Foreverwinter. Establish on the banks of the Charmed River, Isatalos has grown substantially as many people find a home there.

The Empire
of the Pandominion

The Pandominion is a relatively new empire on the eastern side of the central continent, born from the combination of a dozen feudal city-states. Each of the larger towns that spotted the plains had clerical representatives in the city of Temple, the Blesséd City, an ancient site dating back to the end of Dawn War where it is said the last Primordial was slain by the Pantheon. Upon that spot, the Temple was built. Alters to the High Gods built in the Temple are worshiped and prayed at by the clerics as per the needs of their people.


Now unified, the Pandominion is led by Empress Vamanna and the Court of Light. Their wealth is a direct result of an established trading relationship with Zadal.

Hirdirth 3.png.jpg
The Kingdom of Hirdirth

The Dwarven Kingdom of Hirdirth  (“Mountainheart”) marks its territory among the Cloud-Capped Peaks, the largest and most vast mountain range on the Cusp. It is a feudal monarchy is led by the young King Norbolth Greysunder who lives in the capital, Hel Bhardor.


Hirdirth’s north is bordered by the Hinterland, a dry, craggy badland ravaged by Orcs. They are separated by the war-torn Winter Ridge, upon which the goddess Khala built her fortress at the end of the Dawn War. Beneath the ridge, the Southern Route of the Traders’ Path cuts through the gravelly terrain. Mauldo Keep and its mechanized Warforged creations watch the road, guarding the kingdom against the Orcs on the other side of the Winter Ridge and imposing steep taxes and tariffs upon caravans that try to pass on their way between the Pandominion and Zadal.


Those who live on the continent of Kolgafiir are stronger than any other. The cold of the tundra has entered the spirits of all creatures that can endure it. They fight the brutality of the climate, as well as each other. Settlers here are quickly taught to fight by the bandits that raid in the night. 


An incredible army of savage Kolgafiirian Humans and Orcs tore south, and ascended the mountain of Rorun and took the Fortress of War. From there, they broke the longstanding Tranquility Pact between Kolgafiir and the Pandominion, and crossed the strait between the to nations. They seized the Fortress of Peace atop Mount Concord, and poured into the Pandominion's mainland. They continue to occupy the Pandominion's northern reaches, cutting off all sea trade between the Pandominion and Zadal.



The fertile prairies of Zadal run along the western coast of the continent, bordered by the wet, teeming jungles of the Clyrrd Labyrinth to the nations' south and the Thundershaped Clan of Dwarves to its north with their great wealth of gold and jewels.


If one were hoping to caravan goods to the other side of the continent, they would embark on a months-long journey along the Traders’ Path from the Zadalian capital of Kenhoro. The plains would empty out into a vast ocean of sand called Defeat that nobody claims, save for the remote city-state of Triumph surrounding a lush oasis. 


Zadal's wealth belongs to its crown, Shevroth the Gold Dragon. Cut off from the Pandominion's markets by the Kolgafiirian invasion, the Gold Dragon has lifted its tariffs against Kolgafiir in order to trade with its Port Melar.

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