At a young age, Morilinde was tapped as the Young Oak, the apprentice chosen by Presiding Druid Keryth to someday take over as the spiritual leader.


In Arc Two, Morilinde is the Presiding Druid of New Isatalos. She played a major role in helping the Protected Remnants rebuild after the events of Arc One. While her station is generally occupied by a one in the Circle of Great Duty, Morilinde has broken ties with that tradition's religious zeal, and leads as a member of the Circle of the Land.

Wood Elf
Circle of the Land Druid





Elaris spent his youth studying at the Weaver's School at the Azure Keep, in the Pandominion. Now graduated, he hopes to learn more about his Elvan heritage.


In Arc Two, Elaris is still a Special Legionnaire of the Pandominion, and is tasked by Lt. Col Erika Tri to further investigate matters involving the Kingdom of Hirdirth. Elaris has retooled his portfolio of spells and taken an interest in Bladesinging, an ancient Elvan art taught mastered by an old Weaver's School rival of his. 

Half-High Elf
Bladesinger Wizard

Grimton hails from the Kingdom of Hirdirth, but left out of contempt for the new monarch, King Greysunder. Offering the Pandominion information on their Warforged constructs secured Grimton a spot as a government contractor.


In Arc Two, Grimton is on a mission to put an end of King Greysunder's reign over the Dwarven Kingdom of Hirdirth. His incentives, however, are two-fold. He is acting both as a Pandominion military rep as a Special Legionnaire, and a member of the Red Capes, a group of Dwarven revolutionaries.


Mountain Dwarf
Fighter / Paladin

Alrick fled from their home among the Gnomish Mal Nothri clan when they were attacked by the Kolgafiir. Ignored by the Pandominion, they found their way to Isatalos, where Alrick was granted citizenship and became a squadron leader of the Warden Scout.


In Arc Two, Alrick continues to search for their "home." After defending the Special Legionnaires from the Tempest Oath, Alrick has assumed the role of Chief Arrow, leader of the Warden Scout whose principle task of defense of New Isatalos. Alrick, however, is again forced to leave in order to investigate Hirdirth, defend their city, and protect their friends.

Forest Gnome
Ranger / Hexblade Warlock