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Arc One Recap

The story of Arc One (episodes 1.1 - 1.50) centers around religious, cultural, and political conflicts between three major entities: the Empire of the Pandominion who worship the High Gods, the Rock of Visions who aggressively venerate the Primal Spirits, and Isatalos, who is stuck in the middle of two extremes.


After the exposition (1.1 - 1.6), Part One of the story (1.7-1.21) begins when the party leaves Isatalos, and travels north to Havenmere, intending to warn the Pandominion of a potential invasion. Part Two (1.22-1.37) follows the party south, leaving from Forest's Edge at the future site of the Southern Redoubt until they catch up with the Protected Remnants at the city of Letris. Part Three takes place around Letris (1.38 - 1.46), as the party prepares for what will ultimately be the finale of Arc One (1.47 - 1.50).

Arc Two Recap

The story of Arc Two (episodes 2.1 - 2.74) follows the Party's attempts to thwart the endeavors of the Dwarvan Kingdom of Hirdirth and its leader. "Young" King Greysunder threatens the political stability of the Cusp as a whole, and New Isatalos in particular. 




Part One of the story (2.1-2.18) follows the Party's journey from New Isatalos to the Hirdirthian city of Delvedeep, through a subterranean network of tunnels called King's Highway. They plan to find out what the Warforged army was doing in the Watched Forest. Part Two (2.19-2.29) centers on an insurrectionary group called the Red Capes, who plan to dethrone Greysunder in Delvedeep and Ha Warum. Part Three (2.30-2.61) began as a side quest, but became critical to the central plot, as the heroes travel from Ha Warum to the Azure Keep to aid an ally, visit the Spring Wood, and eventually leave the Cusp completely - traveling across the planes to the Astral Sea to the realms of Arvendor and Celestia (and briefly to the Elemental Chaos), securing a powerful Arcane Battery which could hold the power to severely impact the Cusp. They bring the Battery back with them to the Cusp, and eventually syphon power from an ancient artifact. Part Four (2.63-2.70) returns to Hirdirth, where the Party joins the Red Capes again, and uses the Arcane Battery to blow up Mauldo Keep. Then, they must chase down a mobilization of Warforged, who march toward the Shattered Coast, to join a floata of longships sent from the Realm of Kolgafiir and their Kooning, Gleb Head-Taker. The Party uses their diplomacy to become allies with entities powerful enough to destroy the fleet, which is the Finale (2.71-2.73). In the Epilogue (2.74), the Party lands in Kolgafiir, outside of Endilfylke. There, they say goodbye to Alrick and Morilinde, who return home to New Isatalos..

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