The following is a direct transcript of the rules for entry as they were read at the end of episode 2.10 | The Unknown Associates of Grimton Steadyhand. 


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Alright, so let’s get into more details about the giveaway series. As I said during the midroll there will be six different raffles being drawn over the next six weeks. The first five drawings are for hand-drawn crituals made with love by the cast, including a handwritten note on the back in order to charge your dice rolls with our love.

The final grand prize will be drawn on August 8th, 2019 and will receive the Shadow Rogue dice set from Darksilver Forge, and a piece of merch from our shop. 


There are a number of actions you can take, each will give you one entry into the raffle. 

  • First, you can send us a screenshot of your review of Advantage on whichever podcasting app you use. That’s one ticket.

  • Second, send us a screenshot of your following Advantage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr. Each social media tagged is one credit, meaning you’ve got a potential four entries, right there.

  • Third, make a public tweet about Advantage – and DM it to us so we can make sure to see it.

  • Fourth, post a public tweet bragging about any of our sibling shows on the Darkmore Podcast Network, again making sure to DM it to us. We want to share our love for the network. 

    • Tweets about Advantage and DPN count once per raffle period. Tweet about us for the first contest, then again for the second contest, etc. 

  • Finally, post some artwork of yours. We love all art. This can look like your homemade critual that you take a picture of, or a poorly sketched piece of fan art and a caption explaining the scene. If you’re musical, we want to hear it. If you’re a writer, send us a short fanfic. We encourage you to be bold and be brave, knowing the quality of your art doesn’t matter so long as you’re sharing it with us.

    • Again, your artwork will only count once per raffle period. sketch something for the first contest, draw a critual for the second, and so on. 


Time is of the essence here, because your entries stack. The iTunes review and tweet you made as entries for the first drawing will still be in the running for all subsequent raffles in this series. That means entering sooner gives you the chance to compete in six total giveaways. That’s huge.

The most important part of this is making sure that we’ve seen your entries, and that we’ve confirmed they have been seen. You can send us your pictures and screenshots however you please – s ocial media, email, DMed on Discord – however works for you, but regardless of your method, make damn sure we confirm your entries. 


All of our social media handles are @AdvantageDnD, reach out at, and find a link to the Discord on If you want the direct transcript for this explanation so you can reread it yourself, I’ll post it on our website,


We’ve never done a giveaway before, y’all, and we’re excited to go on this adventure with you. Winner of the first raffle will be announced during the midroll of episode 2.11, released on May 30th, 2019. Until then, good luck!